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New year, new connections & friendships to be made! Join us in uncovering the questions you’ve been meaning to ask, pair up with a buddy and get ready to make some serendipitous discoveries.

Falling down the rabbit hole may have a bad rep for a slow descent into madness and countless tabs left open in the early hours of the morning, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t go at it alone! We are here to keep each other’s journeys safe, light, and playful.

Introducing Camp Curiousity - a new digital “tribe” to help you find buddies with common interests, nurture your imaginative playground, and get your hands dirty in the communal digital garden patch.

Together, we will seek for the common thread in our individual trails, use the power of our collective imagination to connect the dots, and keep each other company by the fireside. We will strive to build a collaborative garden patch, and as the seasons go by, watch our collective efforts bear fruit.

The Holy Trinity of Play by member @reddy2go

✶ Notes for Curiousity Trails salon by host @herrowna

Why Camp Curiousity?

Minimum Viable Community for Camp Curiousity

What is going on?

Camp Curiousity is a series of workshops operating on the first third Saturday of each month, throughout 2021. In each workshop, attendees will plant the seeds of their curiousities and find playmates to collaborate with. The goal is to create a communal garden patch where everyone contributes to a larger graph of collective knowledge (much like the one you see at the foot of this page).

At the end of 2021, we will be hosting a ‘harvest festival’ where we marvel at our fruits & crops of the year, and celebrate each other for keeping a light on in our imaginative faculties 🧠

How did this come about?

When I first joined the ii community, I noticed that a lot of members were already writing their individual Substack newsletters (on math, on play, on brains, on hope) in search for their own piece of the Internet. This cozyweb reminded me of younger days spent learning to code and creating Blogger themes with a bunch of helpful & enthusiastic folks on the Internet. Think neopets, myspace…it was glorious, but I soon lost that feeling when the community subsided and I ‘grew up’.

Camp Curiousity is a comeback to those glorious days spent on the Internet, with a focus on creating a collective experience that is safe, light-hearted & playful.

Who should join?

Camp Curiousity follows the same ethos as the greater InterIntellect community — that is to democratise knowledge and make sure everyone participates equally, or as much as they want.

Beyond that, we are looking for a diversive bunch in each month’s workshop. More industries, more perspectives, more ways of seeing means we’ll get to crossbreed ideas and deepen our inquiry.

This is you:

  • You are looking for a buddy to keep you in check, to support you in researching what may have been deemed superfluous or pretentious
  • You are looking for a supportive environment and a sounding board for your ideas, no matter how insane they may be
  • You want to share the workload on researching a huge topic that you’re passionate about (think intellectual speed dating)
  • You want to inspire others by actively crossbreeding (excuse the pun) ideas and offering what you know. In turn, you are solidifying your knowledge and offering some one else a personal anecdote on your common interest.

What do curiousity buddies do?

Good question, what you end up doing with your buddy is something we’d like to know, and we hope you can share it in our private board and digital garden!

Here are some examples from historical pairings:

  • Co-working session for completing YearCompass reflections
  • Co-learning in playing the drum set
  • 101 dialogue in Effective Altruism
  • Assistance in setting up a digital garden
  • Roam Research ‘coaching’ with a profilic Roam user
  • Chaotic mad hatter-esque tea parties where we hold space for others to cultivate their pet theories
  • Building a multiplayer graph in Roam Research

What you can expect

During the live workshops, we’ll share our curiousity starting points for the month by pasting in links of articles, pictures, videos, or your own work.

For the bulk of the session, members will be actively participating in planting new seeds, or tending to existing crops. We’ll also help each other along the way by offering tips and resources by connecting ideas together.

Towards the end of the session, members can reach out to each other and plan their private sessions to explore common curiousities.

Throughout the month, you are free to participate as much as you’d like: you will do this by producing outputs like Tweet threads, blog posts, digital garden notes, videos, podcasts, sketches…anything you may want to share with the group.

Remember that your outputs do not have to be perfect, if it’s a casual discussion, you can even record it and share with us. We want to hear all about it!

I can’t come to the workshops!

No worries! If you still want to join, you can do so asynchronously. When you purchase a ticket, you’ll be able to access the camping grounds and our private digital garden.

From there, contribute your own ideas, help others connect their thoughts, and pair up with buddies to create your own curiousity sessions.

But I have so many curiousities!

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

✶ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’m sure you do!! I started a new trail on feminism in the 1920s (a la A Room of One’s Own, which quickly turned into a study of queer literature and family relationships through Tove Jansson’s collection of letters…but who knows where this shall take me next?

Remember, the goal of this workshop is to visualise your curiousity trail along the year, we can plant the seeds today and not know what may bear fruit. After all, it’s the journey that matters.

Don’t worry about sticking to your initial topic, if you don’t want to!

Don’t know what you’re curious about?

I’ll be the first to say: Before hosting ii salons, I personally experienced a huge writer’s block and ennui towards exploring what this digital (multi?)verse has to offer. If we’ve learned anything from the Curiousity Trail salons, it’s that you can always go with the people you trust & admire, especially if you haven’t found your own curiousity.

Follow their curiousity trail, pair up and help someone else with their project…I promise you, when you find the right buddies, they will ignite the spark in you that you never thought you would willingly diminish.

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