shape of curiousity

Exploring the shape of curiousity and how we can map out the journey from discovery to output.

Popular phrases:


The curiousity is self-contained within a garden. Ideas are happily constrained within context and the wanderer happily studies the flora & fauna within the garden.

Example: The Universe in a Nutshell app by Kurzgesagt & Tim Urban.


The curiousity is a trail in the forest with no clearly lined paths. The wanderer stops at each distinct junction to inspect their surroundings, then follow their intuition or clues laid out on the junction to decide the next step.

When the wanderer feels provoked at a junction, they will attempt to unpeel the layers of nuance.

Example: Your browser history.


The curiousity is encased in a box which can be unboxed for further inspection. Usually, boxes contain information that we are already aware of, but have yet to process or inspect carefully.

#todo Time constraint, Inhibitions of curiousity.

Boxes can be used to archive useful directives, though it must come with instructions or a map for context building.

Typical items found in a box: memorabilia, life lessons & experiences, trauma, trophies, ephemera, strangers.

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