transitioning from lurking to contributing

Crossing the chasm between consuming, tastemaking and creating.

Shitscrolling Scrolling a timeline or media feed can be very rewarding, every new item that surfaces is an opportunity to experience serendipity or an instant dopamine hit.

Admiring quality work Interacting with a body of work is slow and mindful, especially when there is motivation to digest the content slowly (e.g. to give feedback or support to a friend).

In this stage, you also have a growing curiousity for tastemaking, because you want to understand the body of work that is being presented to you, and you want to unpeel the layers of nuance that are encased in a piece of work.

Moment of realisation After interacting with somebody else’s work, you start to admire their efforts in contribution and realise you also want to [[ put yourself out there ]].

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